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Bronze Busts: Whole Figure Sculpture Commissions
Capturing both Spirit & Likeness

You are interested in a whole figure sculpture commission? Mantelpiece, lifesize or monumental...

  1. Examples of previous work / sculpture commissions:

    Olympic Boxing Champion: lifesize sculpture commission commemorating Tony Sox Byrne, for the city of Drogheda, Ireland (Public Art Commission)
    Public art commission of a lifesize sculpture in bronze

    Tennis Terracotta Warrior Series: 8 monumental figures of the top tennis players of the world in 2007, commissioned by the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals). Sculpture commission brokered by PR & Marketing firm Hill & Knowlton in London
    Monumental figure commission: 8 top tennis players in the world in 2007

    World Champion Handballer:
    lifesize sculpture of Joe Maher, city of Drogheda, Ireland (Public Art Commission)
    Public art lifesize sculpture commission in bronze

  2. Formal commission: you confirm to me the commission in writing by e-mail or mail and you send an initial payment - usually one third of the total amount and a start date is agreed on.

    Prices for a whole figure sculpture commission vary according to size (lifesize sculpture, or larger than lifesize, i.e. monumental sculpture or mantel piece size), whether the figurative sculpture is for a home garden (private residence) or for display in a public space.

  3. Moulding & Casting the artwork: The sculpture is cast in the foundry,and I rework the piece at the wax stage (there is always some finishing required as there is a limit to wet clay as a material and some details are best worked in the wax).

  4. Patination & Base: I supervise the patination process in the foundry and mount the sculpture portrait onto a base if appropriate.

  5. Delivery/Shipment: Finally, upon completion of the work in bronze, I supervise the shipment of the work to the installation site.Unveiling of a lifeisze figure sculpture commission in public space

  6. Timescale: Estimated time from first sitting to finished lifesize whole figure sculpture 2-4 weeks (for one figure). Foundry work takes 4-6 weeks and shipment depends upon which foundry I use and the location of installation.   Location is never a problem - I travel all over the world for sculpture portrait commissions.
Note that all such commissions can be executed in bronze or other media (such as marble or granite) to your requirements.

For UK and international enquiries, email us

Telephone Laury in the UK: +44 (0)7725 555048
or in France: +33 (0)6 18 43 51 25

Telephone agent Carla Schade in the US: +1 406-677-0642  

For the prospective private art collector, corporate art buyer, urban planner or public art coordinator we offer options to create lifesize figures or lifesize busts as originals only or as limited edition sculptures.

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Whole Figure in Bronze Lifesize or Monumental

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