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Bronze Busts: Commission a Bust
Capturing both Spirit & Likeness

Bronze bust commission for the Toronto Port Authority - 2010

Here is an example of a bronze bust commission carried out for a public space - since the bust was to feature in the former Toronto City Center Aiport being renamed "Bill Bishop Airport".

This is a bronze bust / portrait sculpture commission executed by master portrait sculptor Laury Dizengremel.

Any bust commission can be executed in bronze, terra cotta or other media to the requirements of the commissioning person or body - either as an original piece of fine art or as a limited edition, in sizes varying from under to over lifesize.

Bronze bust and clay bust of Canadian WW I hero flying ace Billy Bishop

face to face the clay bust and bronze bust of Canadian aviator Billy Bishop (William Bishop)

Clay bust and bronze bust of Canadian WW I hero, flying ace / aviator Billy Bishop (William Bishop)
Category: commission, figurative sculpture, lifesize bust in bronze

One of the photographs I worked from to create the bust

Photo of Canadian WW I hero, flying ace / aviator Billy Bishop (William Bishop) used tby sculptor Laury Dizengremel to create the bust

The clay bust in progress and another photograph used to create the clay bust, a commission for the Toronto Airport Authority

The artist holds another photograph used to create the bust of aviator Billy Bishop who was born in Canada, flew against the Red Baron during WW I and after whom the Toronto Port Authority who commissioned this bust renamed the city center / island airport

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Click here for a description of Working Methods: How to Commission a Bust. For the prospective private art collector, corporate art buyer, urban planner or public art coordinator we offer options to create busts as originals only or as limited edition sculptures.
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